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How Dalewood Health Clinic Can Help You Quit Smoking?

Smoking is dangerous to one’s health. It is already a given fact. Despite the many warnings experts give people still smoke. It is that addictive. What is in cigarettes that make them so addictive and hard to quit? Nicotine. The main reason why smokers find it difficult to quit is because of this ingredient. Nicotine is a highly addictive and fast-acting drug that is used as an ingredient in most cigarettes. Once inhaled, this drug can reach the brain at the rate of fifteen seconds. But how can you quit smoking? This is something Dalewood Health Clinic can help you with.

Dalewood Health Clinic is a premier health institution that can help inform you of the dangers of smoking and help you recover from your smoking addiction. Dalewood offers an effective smoking cessation program that will help you deal with your addiction once and for all. Now back to cigarettes. According to experts and scientists, cigarette smoke is composed of many harmful ingredients. A lot of these ingredients are toxic which means that they can damage our body. Most of these ingredients are also carcinogens which mean they can cause cancer. Aside from nicotine, there are a lot of other harmful ingredients in cigarettes. Cigarettes also contain carbon monoxide which can decrease the functions of muscles and the heart. They also contain tar, which is a carcinogen.

Smoking is responsible for many deadly diseases. It is responsible for deadly diseases such as cancer, long-term diseases of the heart and lungs, and the death of millions of individuals around the world. According to research, more than 400,000 people die because of smoking in the US every year and over 100,000 die in the UK for the same reason. One of the most common cause of death is lung cancer – a disease brought about by smoking.  More than 90% of lung cancer patients develop this type of cancer because of smoking. Every 15 minutes a person dies due to lung cancer. Lung cancer is a preventable disease. With the help of Dalewood Health Clinic you will be able to avoid this deadly disease.

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Dalewood Health Clinic provides you the necessary information to help you quit smoking. You can enroll with the clinic’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health if you need help with your smoking problems.

Aside from causing many dangers to your body, smoking can also be harmful to those around you. Since the smoke from the cigarettes travels around the air around you other people will be able to inhale the smoke and inhale the many dangerous chemicals found in cigarette smoke. This is called second-hand smoking. Recent researches obtained by Dalewood has found out many negative effects that smoking can have on you. When you regularly inhale cigarette smoke there is a larger chance of damage to your cardiovascular system. There is a higher risk of getting aneurysms and heart diseases. Smoking whilst being pregnant could also harm an unborn child. Smoking can slow and/or halt a child’s development. There has also been research that showed that smokers are more likely to contract psychosis compared to non-smokers. Smoking can also cause tooth decay as well as decrease your bone density. Due to this, there is a higher risk of bone loss and osteoporosis when you smoke. When you sign up to Dalewood’s smoking cessation program you will be able to avoid all these diseases that can cause harm or even death.

So now you’re ready to quit. What do you do? There are actually many ways to quit smoking. But not everyone has the same process. With the help of Dalewood, you will be able to find the best way in which you can quit or reduce smoking.

One of the most common ways to quit smoking is cold turkey which means that you will have no outside help. This is the least effective way of smoking since there will be no support for you – no therapy, or medicine or professional help. Most of the time people eventually give up when doing this method. You might consider getting professional help.

Dalewood Health Clinic’s smoking cessation program offers assessment, counseling, and medical consultation and medication that help you quit smoking.

Treatments offered by Dalewood include Psycho-education sessions that will help you develop a plan to quit smoking, support groups, workshops on a wide variety of topics like nutrition, and consultations with a licensed physician, nurse, and pharmacist that specialize in smoking.

With the help of Dalewood, you will be able to quit smoking in no time.